About Us

LotusCube Tech Vision

  • Innovation, Quality, On-Time, On-Budget
  • Develop Global Internet Marketing ventures and Software Development Venturesin India, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Rest of Asia.

LotusCube Mission

  • LotusCube is the Possibility of Fun, Excitement, and Wealthy Partnership.
  • Develop Joint Ventures with Listed Companies Worldwide.
  • Developing Internet Systems, Software Products and Services for Corporate companies and START UP Venturesaround the globe.
  • Experts of Mobile Apps, Mobile Games, CRM software, ERP software, E-commerce, BIG DATA Management and Analytics.

The LotusCube Team is composed of extremely creative and talented professionals that are personally hand picked by a team of Experts.


At LotusCube Marketing, we are DEDICATED to…

  • Giving you access to VCLN – VIRAL CUSTOMERS that are LOYAL to YOU
  • Developing a technology platform for you to generate prospects
  • Creating a system to convert your prospects into customers


Our Mailing Address
21 Moonseed Court,
Scarborough, ON – M1N 0A5 Canada